Forward - Former Governor Ted Strickland

Introduction - Daniel Skinner & Berkeley Franz

Section One: Establishing Place

1. Ode to the Corner of the Drug House Down the Gravel Road Off the Two-lane Highway #29 - Darren C. Demaree (Columbus)

2. Reflections of a Recovery Writer - Annie Highwater (Grove City)

3. A Place for “Total Recovery” - Members of the Toledo Restoration Church (Toledo)

4. Building Community in the B. Riley Sober House - Rafael “Tony” Correa (Cleveland)

5. Walking Past Abandoned Houses, I Think of Eric - Barbara Biggs (Portsmouth)

6. How are the Children? - Joy Edgell (Belpre)

7. A Haven from Human Trafficking and Addiction - Jeff Barrows (Zanesfield)

8. A New Home - Mary Lynn St. Lawrence (Athens)

9. Collaboration in Middletown - Travis Bautz (Middletown)

10. Defiance, Ohio Is The Name Of A Band - Hanif Abdurraqib (Columbus)

11. A Heartache Not My Own - Caitlin Seida (The Plains)

Section Two: Processing Loss

12. What Addiction Gave Me - Tony Anders (Upper Arlington)

13. The Stories Make it Real: A Mayor in the Heart of the Opioid Epidemic - Nan Whaley (Dayton)

14. Jane’s Story - Kerri Mongenel (Ashtabula)

15. A Coach’s Regrets - Matt Dennison (New Philadelphia)

16. An Individual’s Addiction, A Family’s Loss - A.J., Jenna, Sherie, & Alan Steinberger (Highland Heights)

17. The Pain of Wanting to Help - Anonymous

18. My Reality at the Bedside - Hank Rossiter (Kidron)

19. What Happens Under the Overpass - Neil Carpathios (Portsmouth)

20. Community & Vulnerability - Brian Schweitzer (Columbus)

21. Remaking a Family - Chris, Estella, & Tyler Ferrell (Minford)

22. Dear Travis - Vicki Scharbach (Olmsted Falls)

23. Despair - Gerald E. Greene (Dayton)

Section Three: Making Sense

24. A Predictable & Utterly Preventable Catastrophe - Michael Henson (Cincinnati)

25. Standing Proud - Eric Ungaro (Poland)

26. Uncle Sugar - Anisi Daniels-Smith (Hiram)

27. Potential Energy - April Deacon (Wheelersburg)

28. The Road to Recovery - Alex Driehaus (Cincinnati)

29. From Felon to Law Enforcement: A Retrospective - Brandy E. Morris-Hafner (Chillicothe)

30. A Little Too Close to Home - Keith F. Durkin (Ada)

31. Deluded - Marty Helms (Cincinnati)

32. Opioid Encounters: Fragments from Training & Practice - Jenny Zamor (Columbus)

33. An Awakening - Joe Gay (Athens)

Section Four: Devising Solutions

34. This is Not the Medicine I Want to Practice: One Physician’s Journey to Heal, Not Harm - Katy Kropf (Athens)

35. Problem-Solving in Colerain Township - Daniel Meloy (Cincinnati)

36. The Buck Fifty - Dave Huggins, Chris Scott, & Angie Ferguson (Chillicothe)

37. Plans after Prison - Jonathan Becker (Akron)

38. Avoiding the Abyss - Sharon Parsons (Bexley)

39. All the Narcan in the World - David Keseg (Columbus)

40. PAUSE for Change - Nancy Pook (Dayton)

41. Reconnecting Through Rhythm: A Symphony & Recovery - Warren W. Hyer (Delaware)

42. Rural Challenges, Rural Solutions - Steven Martin, Amy Fanous, & Katie Westgerdes (Ada)

43. A Way Forward for Moms & Babies - Richard Massatti (Columbus)

44. From the Front Pages to the Front Lines - Darren Adams (Portsmouth)

Section Five: Challenging Assumptions

45. A Good Family - Christine Hunt (Russell Point)

46. Feral - Jessica Harper and Sarah Benedum (Madison)

47. Recovery Should Be Celebrated, Not Judged - Lacey Whitlatch (Athens)

48. Serve & Protect - Dennis Whaley (Toledo)

49. What Do Libraries Do? - Nick Tepe (Athens)

50. Confronting Stigma in Portsmouth - Traci Molloy

51. Everybody Played Along - Anonymous (Columbus)

52. The Making of a Public Health Emergency - Yvonka Marie Hall (Cleveland)

53. The Addict, A Human Being - Stephanie Kendrick (Athens)