Dayton ‘pill mill’ included in 5-state drug bust that targeted medical pros


Five defendants involved with a Dayton medical clinic and pharmacy have been indicted as part of the largest prescription opioid takedown in U.S. history, according to federal officials. 

Morris Brown, Ismail Abuhanieh, Mahmoud Elmiari, Mahmoud Rifai and Yohannes Tinsae are all named in a federal indictment filed in the Southern District of Ohio U.S. District Court.

Abuhanieh, Rifai and Tinsae are all listed as previously licensed pharmacists and Brown is listed as having a medical license. 

The indictment alleges Brown owned and operated Dayton Primary and Urgent Care Center Inc. at 301 W. First St. in Dayton. The other four defendants were involved in the operation of Dayton Pharmacy located at the same address. 

Brown is alleged to have performed only cursory medical visits before dispensing large amounts of controlled substances, including to individuals he had reason to know were selling the medication on the street or drug seeking to feed their addiction.