Ohio State faculty highlight research on opioid epidemic


Drug users who buy opioids online through the “dark web” seek one particular quality in internet-market dealers – trustworthiness.

That key finding from research by sociologists at The Ohio State University may provide an opening for law enforcement to help reduce illegal online drug sales.

“Our research shows how you can take advantage of the reputation system to jeopardize market trust,” said Dana Haynie, professor of sociology and director of the Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC) at Ohio State, who has helped lead the research.

“Strategies that reduce trust by targeting vendor reputations are most effective for dismantling drug networks.”

Haynie was one of three faculty members who presented at “Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic: Impacts and Innovations,” a recent event held at the Blackwell Center. The researchers talked about their different approaches to helping battle the opioid epidemic in Ohio and across the nation.