Ohio State pharmacy student who lost brother to overdose raps about opioid epidemic

Torki Barayan is a fourth-year pharmacy student at Ohio State University, who has always been passionate about fighting the opioid epidemic as a future pharmacist, but that mission becomes even clearer when he lost his younger brother to a laced heroin overdose. He recently released a rap song titled "War on Drugs." Courtesy Hergesheimer/Columbus Dispatch

A white lab coat might seem like unusual attire for a rapper, but Torki Barayan often wears one when he lays down a track. 

However, the garment is more than a music video accessory for the fourth-year pharmacy student at Ohio State University.  

And as a future pharmacist, I know I’ll face some fires, so I’m watching out for arsonists. I’ll kill the flames with kindness — I'm a servant to the people. And if we learn our history, we can write some better sequels, he rhythmically delivers during the second verse of his first single, released last month — “War on Drugs”.