Who Should Control Ohio Counties' Drug Seizure Accounts?

Vinton County Prosecutor Trecia Kimes-Brown delivered $100 checks to every child in the county who completed a 4-H project, raising concerns about the use of civil asset forfeiture funds. VINTON COUNTY PROSECUTOR / FACEBOOK

When the Vinton County Fair was canceled because of the pandemic, County Prosecutor Trecia Kimes-Brown wrote $100 checks to every child who completed a 4-H project this year. She did so in the name of anti-drug education through her Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF) account.

The move stoked the ire of Vinton County Auditor Cindy Waugh, who did not like the fact that Kimes-Brown gave cash directly to people right before her reelection campaign. (Though Kimes-Brown eventually lost anyway.) 

The death of Breonna Taylor this year renewed interest in police forfeiture raids, and Eye on Ohio asked every prosecutor about their LETF accounts, the fund that benefits from seized cash. Eye on Ohio found: