August 2, 2022

New book chronicles how America's opioid industry operated like a drug cartel

TERRY GROSS, HOST:This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. The new book "American Cartel" is about the opioid industry, the manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies behind the opioid epidemic. It's also about their lobbyists and lawyers, many of whom had close ties to members of Congress and high-ranking officials inside the Justice Department.
April 7, 2022

Project Dawn

Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) is a network of opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution programs (OENDP) coordinated by the Ohio Department of Health.
February 17, 2022

COVID-19 economic impact payments and opioid overdose deaths

Given the global economic recessions mediated by the COVID-19 pandemic and that many countries have implemented direct income support programs, we investigated the timing of the COVID-19 economic impact payments and opioid overdose deaths.
December 28, 2021

Opioid Overdose Death Rate Rose Faster for People of Color

Structural racism, including lack of access to substance use treatment and discrimination in the criminal justice system, is resulting in a deadly rise in overdoses among people of color. A government study seeks effective interventions.
November 24, 2021

Ohio federal jury finds that big retail pharmacies perpetuated the opioid crisis

A federal jury in Cleveland, Ohio, found that CVS, Walgreens and Walmart pharmacies contributed to the opioid crisis, the first decision of its kind.
October 4, 2021

Pharmacy chains in Ohio will face trial over their role in the opioid crisis

The nation's biggest name-brand pharmacy chains face a high-profile civil trial beginning Monday in Ohio over their role in the nation's deadly opioid epidemic.