'Rehab Racket': High Costs Of Addiction Treatment And Questions Over Efficacy


The high cost of addiction care. Is it a rehab racket? We ask the Vox reporter who investigated.

German Lopez: “I talked to the family of Kimberly Blake. And she and her husband spent about $110,000 — or more — on addiction treatment. And their son still overdosed and died. And one of the facilities that they would go to — so there was ‘New Found Life’ in California, or there was the ‘[Little] Creek Lodge’ in Pennsylvania. And these places, they would go to them, and they would seem like they were good at first. They would promise all these nice things. The amenities, at times, seemed nice. But, they would find that these places were doing only 12-step treatment. And for Sean, for whatever reason, that just did not work out.