February 26, 2019

The Opioid Crisis Isn't White

Last April, The Baltimore Sun ran an op-ed essay by a woman in mourning. Her sister, a “middle-class suburban mom,” had become addicted to alcohol and opioids and died. Two years earlier, The Wall Street Journal published the names and photographs of some of the 300,000 Americans who had died of opioid overdoses since the 1990s. Smiling faces stared back at the reader with eyes full of promise.
Community Conversations — Activity

Humanizing The Addict

The goal of this activity is to challenge our existing attitudes about who addiction affects. Using statistics on the opioid epidemic, along with a poem contributed by a social worker and substance abuse counselor, participants will explore the reach of opioids in Ohio.
Community Conversations — Activity

On Empathy

The aim of the activity is to consider the role of empathy in the opioid epidemic, including understanding empathy's limits and developing strategies for maintaining empathy in challenging situations.