July 16, 2019

Heartland High: Ohio's First School For Students With Addiction

Bouncing on a purple exercise ball, Alyssa talks to her new teacher about what classes she needs to graduate. "There’s a Psychology 1 as an elective, I would take that, but I already took psychology and sociology... And I feel like Heartland in general is a psychology class," she adds, laughing.
June 12, 2019

Inside the Elementary School Where Drug Addiction Sets the Curriculum

Inside an elementary school classroom decorated with colorful floor mats, art supplies and building blocks, a little boy named Riley talked quietly with a teacher about how he had watched his mother take “knockout pills” and had seen his father shoot up “a thousand times.”
Community Conversations — Activity

The Buck Fifty

Using the experience of two individuals who created the Buck Fifty relay race to support drug free youth, this activity explores the role that average people can play to help rebuild their communities. Participants will discuss strategies to identify and respond to local needs in their region.
Community Conversations — Activity

Growing up with Addiction

Many of Ohio's towns and cities are stereotyped as being havens for drug abuse. But youth growing up in these cities defy these descriptions in important ways. In this activity, we use two poems written by high school students in Portsmouth Ohio to explore the experience of growing up in a city heavily affected by opioid abuse and the motivation to make positive change in the next generation.
Community Conversations — Activity

How are the Children?

In this activity, we explore how schools, social and health care services, and communities can support children after experiencing the trauma of addiction in their families.